My Story...

In 2011, after hitting a brick wall of frustration during a midlife crisis and crisis of faith, I had an unexpected visit to heaven. I met the Lord in a region of Heaven and had a conversation that transformed my entire life. He removed a soul splinter, painted pictures, and gave me an understanding of my true “image” by reflecting His most compelling expression of unconditional love.

He helped me understand the crazy times we are living in called “The Time Of The Problem and The Promise.” He is now calling His people, in this generation, back to the meeting place on the Mt Sinai of our hearts for that sacred conversation so we can engage more powerfully for the challenges of our times.

It’s time for The Return, the return to the mountain of the Lord. Remembering WHO you are and what you’ve been trained for is powerful in knowing why you were born in this era! Know what Kingdom you stand for! Know what Kingdom marks your life! It’s the bold and brave in faith and freedom that will mark this next decade forever! Stand and be counted! Voice your kingdom values! Hate evil and love good!  Know the power inside of you! Knowing it is owning it! 

My purpose in everything I do from this point on is to revive what’s been dying inside of you, to heal what’s been in ruin, to restore faith in the invisible, and bring fellowship to like-minded believers. It’s time to raise the bar and become more engaged for the issues of our times!

More About Sharon...

Sharon Rogles is an enthusiastic mentor and life coach in the area of spiritual growth and personal development. Her training, leadership, and bold compassion will challenge you to a higher vision. If your faith has been hurt, if you are lost in the fog, if the world has shut you out or shut you down if you can’t figure what the heck is going on with you she will find your match, light that fire and help you to live raw and real!

Her global experience of travel and the non-profit world combined with fantastic faith touches those around her. Her purpose is to revive, restore and replenish faith in the spiritual realm and in helping others to find their ground!

After a midlife crisis, she went through a divorce, left her religious roots and quit an international company. This led to her own deeper quest for personal answers about life’s roughest moments, purpose and the ongoing changes that touch our lives.

An unexpected visit to heaven in 2011, took her back to a spiritual path after meeting the Lord and being shown, unconditional love. This sharpened her faith, released the rebel, and empowered her conviction like never before.

Sharon’s world travels of 20+ countries, being raised overseas for the first half of her life with missionary parents and her involvement with projects around the world has given her global perspectives. She has lived 5 years in India, 5 years in Japan and many places in between. She embraces the uncertainty that changes bring and the gifts that come because of the process. Transformation of the heart and the spirit is what she is all about. She lives to inspire and strengthen like-minded believers to take up their cross and run their race fearlessly. She is passionate about her tribe and enjoys raising the bar of love and faith and creating events for inspiration.

She hosts retreats, local events and is available for speaking engagements for your group or event. She enjoys sharing her visit to Heaven and the vision for the era we are living through. There is so much to look forward to.

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